Don’t take our word for it—we know we are great. This is what some of our customers had to say about us.

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Dear Jerry,

I want you to know how pleased I am with the job your shop did on the ’72 Mercedes. It runs and looks like a million!

You have an outstanding organization. I would not have been aware of your business if it hadn’t been for your radio show. Keep up the good work.

—Wendell, Tucson



Received the $35.05 check to reimburse me for an overpayment. Thx for the honesty – you guys have really endeared me. See you again!

Thanks to you and your staff for pick-up and delivery service. What a help that was!

—Ellie, Oro Valley


Dear Simmons Staff,

I just wanted to sincerely THANK YOU for taking the time to look at (and fix) my car. I truly appreciate your kindness over the past few years. Thanks again!

—Brianna, Tucson


Everyone at Simmons,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my and my wife’s vehicles. You keep everything from the little RAV4 to the big Dully diesel running perfectly. I really appreciate it that you are willing to pick us up all of the way down here. Keep up the excellent work.

P.S. Love the radio show on Saturday mornings!

—Quentin, Sahuarita


Dear Mike,

Thank you very much for the service at Simmons. Being a teacher is my life and I could never imagine doing anything else. It certainly is nice to be recognized. Thank you so much!

—Emily, Tucson

I am very pleased with the work done. Mike and Wade were very helpful in keeping me informed of parts needed and labor involved. There were no surprises at the end and they accommodated me for an after hours pickup of my vehicle. Professional from start to finish.

Dave Murray

Thanks for keeping my Jimmy in good working order. I appreciate advance notice about needed repairs vs waiting until something actually breaks. My GMC Jimmy was born in 1995, has almost 200,000 miles on it and runs almost as good as new thanks to the care at Simmons Automotive. They're probably not the cheapest in town; however, they stand behind their work and are very reliable.

Helen Delara

As usual, my car repairs were done quickly. I always appreciate being kept current on possible repairs my car may need in the near future. I like getting things repaired before they break and I'm faced with an emergency situation. Helen d.

Helen Delara

Said it before but it bears repeating often. You just can't find better customer service than that provided at Simmons Automotive. The estimates are always very close to spot on...the explanation is detailed both verbally and in writing...the additional service recommendations are given well in advance of any failure...It's simply an awesome experience. With love to all my friends at Simmons as I embark on my next adventure...With sincere thanks...and be seeing you later...Bill B.

Bill Byrd

As always, good quick service reasonably priced oil change and lube service, no hi-pressure sales tactics. very comprehensive inspection always felt better when leaving that the job was done better than my original selling dealership.


I'd listened to your Saturday morning show & what you said seemed to make sense to me. Also, I was looking for a shop that had integrity & I feel that I have found it! I've already recommended you to a friend! I like to support family businesses as well! Thanks & I look forward to having you work on my car more.

Alisa Rathbun

Simmons makes me feel like a valued customer. Mike, Wade and Trish are wonderful. I have been telling EVERYONE how pleased I am with the service at this company.

Abbi Gold

I always receive excellent service at Simmons. Both technical service and customer service. They let you know what items are critical to address and those that can wait a little longer. I appreciate the comprehensive list of items they inspect in an effort to be proactive in maintaining your vehicle to a safe and excellent operating condition. I am a happy and repeat customer.

Bill Byrd

This was My first visit with Simmons, You just can't find better customer service Wade went out of his way to answer my Questions and provided a salutation to my problem. The estimate ways very close to spot on... Very nice experience. Thanks... Robert.c

Robert Cristia

I am so grateful to everyone at Simmons Automotive Repair for handling me with courtesy and respect, and for resolving my automotive issues. I have already started telling everyone that this is THE place is Tucson that deserves a loyal customer base.

Abbi Gold

Everyone at the shop was polite and very informative and provided me with the best information possible.

Ross Williamson

Would not go anywhere else!

Rick Solomon

You guys are always honest, I never have to worry if I'm being overcharged and I know when I pick up my car it'll be perfect.

Cara Ager

The times I have taken my truck to Simmons 4X4 Automotive I have had a very good experience. They have been very curtious and explained every thing in a way I could understand. They were very patient when things happened that were not planned for. I would recommend Simmons to anyone. I will return for any work I need on my vehicles.

Michael Robichaud

As always, good quick service reasonably priced oil change and lube service, no hi-pressure sales tactics. very comprehensive inspection always felt better when leaving that the job was done better than my original selling dealership.


Excellent! I wanted someone to install a suspension lift on my Wifes Jeep Liberty. After reading reviews and asking a professional at Jim Clicks I decided to give the task to Simmons. I am completely satisfied with their work and am recommending them to anyone needing this type of work done.

Ken Zitterich

When I returned with a small problem that in the past I could of done, but with circumstances the way they are I am unable to do the work myself, Wade and crew came thru and saved the day. I can tell you their diesel work is far better than The Ford dealers have to offer and stand behind there work better then Ford has done for me ever at both dealerships


Your Staff was very knowledgeable and professional! Didn't beat around the bush with my questions and concerns! Very straight forward!

Manny Huerta

Took my car in for a transaxle drive shaft seal leak. They replaced the seal, no more leak. The car also needed routine transmission and coolant system service which they also performed. The only downside was I had to wait 3 days for an appointment, but that just demonstrates their services are in demand due to their high quality and honesty.

Eric Jiran

Excellent, timely service as always.

Robert Suomala

Excellent service as always.

Jerry Bryant

Ladies beware!!! Simmons will treat you with the respect you deserve. My husband told me to give these guys a call because we got a ridiculous quote from the dealership. I hate calling and dealing with anything to do with "automotive stuff"! Half of the time I cant relay the info to my husband because I don't know what the service advisor is talking about (blah, blah, blah) is what I hear. Mike helped me understand what was going on with my vehicle (in my own language). They even provide shuttle. Thanks Simmons! I am not taking my vehicle anywhere else but Simmons Automotive Repair Center!


Explained procedures and answered questions They make the customer feel important. The office area is clean and organized. The work is performed in an excellent manner. I will keep them at the top of my maintenance/ service list.

Richard Molchan

Upon inspection faults were discovered and repairs were authorized. The Simmons team have been great in keeping my '92 Ford on the road and safe for myself and my family. Sticker shock on the new ones will keep me as a Simmons customer for many years to come.

Michael Henry

Everyone is super nice and honest. Extremely through inspections and only reconmmended what is necessary (unlike dealerships). I highly recommend this shop.

Elvira Fike

concise and to the point, told me what the problem was and fixed it without issue.

Robert Webber

Simmons Automotive Repair Center had been maintaining my 1996 Tahoe since 2001, and the most recent service visit was excellent. As usual, Mike and Trish took good care of me and the Tahoe.

Bob Cherba

The service was professional, straight forward, and courteous. Thank you

MIke Fimbers

As usual, I was treated well by Jerry, Mike and Trish. Mike's cost estimate was within $3, and, it appears my Tahoe has been satisfactorily repaired. What more can I ask?

Bob Cherba

Courteous. Quick service. Appreciated the ride to work.

Ron Dankowski

I have complete confidence that the care of my vehicle is done to the best of your ability and the highest of standards. I can't ask for anything more

Rosa Alfonso

Simmons diagnosed my jeep Liberty with a bad transfer case, we heard a vibration at 40 to 50 in the front. I did not believe their finding and took it to the dealer and they found transfer case was fine it was the front axle half shafts. Would not recommend Simmons.

Marci Weiss

Over all service was great. Excellent service and friendly environment.

Jerry Beck

I have been to other repair shops/dealers in the Tucson area with a number of my vehicles, and finally settled on Simmons, because of their honesty and value of service. I have to drive 30 miles to get to them, but it is worth it, even on simple oil changes, as they do a complete inspection of the vehicle.

David Lichtsinn

Did exactly what they said they would do and at the price quoted. Shuttle service was much appreciated.

Vince Pike

The service is always top notch, I wouldn't take my truck anywhere else. On several occasions the technicians have found things that needed attention that I had overlooked. Keep up the good work! Jeff

Jeff Josephson

you guys are awesome love the work and how professional you all are my truck and surburban are just awesome thanks so much for you work

Bil McPhedran

Great service! Honest People! Its not very often in the auto repair business that you find honesty, integrity and value in one place.

Joe Fisher

I listen to the Simmons car care shop talk on 104.1 fm and these guys sound like a bunch of honest down to earth guys. I needed some repairs done on my car,I thought the transmission was going out.I took it to Simmons and turned out the tranny isn't going out(Jim Clicks crew said it was)The 4 cylinder was arching/miss firing.They fixed the problem in a timely matter and it didn't cost me an arm or a leg :) Thx guys Keep up the great work.I shall refer ya to everyone and anyone. Sincerely yours Troy A

Troy Alger

Always friendly and they fully describe the work done. Trust is the key item on auto repairs and we have this with the Simmons staff.

MIchael Henry

By far the best people I have met in Tucson so far. Very honest, and straight foreward.

Wyatt Dailey

Enjoyable experience every time. Very high quality work at a fair price.

Randy Sharp

Satisfied with the services and repairs furnished. Highly qualified staff and easy to talk to about problems.

Michael Henry

Thanks Guys for the great service!!

Steve McFadden

THE premier Jeep shop, Simmons is the only place I'll take my TJ!


From one repair shop to another, Very professional

Flowing Wells Auto


George Boulton

Wow! I was real impressed on my first visit (23rd Sept). I need a reliable & honest machinist on my team. Thanks again and thank you for your card. Vic(ki) Guapo M# 650.793.1875 PS Love you show on 104.1.

Vicki Guapo

My final cost was below the estimate. Service was very friendly and professional. I will be back again.

Jim Blender

Prompt, friendly, professional service...as always.

Jerry Winder

Excellent workmanship, very courteous staff and great follow up on the customer.

Armando Acuna

Wade and Trish went out of their way to help me

Eugene Vargas

Mike was right. He said Wade would take good care of me and he definitely did! I've been a steady customer of Simmons for several years now and plan to continue. I like the individualized service that Simmons pays to each of their customers. That's an important asset for any successful business to have and Simmons does just that. Keep up the good work!

Jeff Josephson

I haven't driven the car very much since the repairs, but appears to be well. Mike and Trice treated me well.

Bob Cherba

I have taken my car to Simmons ever since it was new in 2001, and I believe that was the best move I could have taken to protect it. Except for the last two years when I was out of state, they have always taken care of it. Last weekend I had a problem with the clutch and had the car towed there. They made the repairs and did a full vehicle check, also finding evidence of electrical problems which arose and I thought were fixed while I was out of state. The car was repaired the following day and the bill was reasonable. My family has also taken in other cars with similar results. Once we bought a car at an auction and Simmons found some problems which made us see that it wasn't to be kept. Another time we asked for an estimate of how long an older vehicle might last, for planning purposes, and they were correct. We also have an older suburban which has been taken care of by them. It is nice to see some of the same faces that you saw more than a decade ago when you walk in, and it is comforting to know that they are trustworthy. Your car is very valuable and not so easy to replace these days. I would recommend to anyone to start a regular program with them.


My SUV runs like a champ! The guys at Simmons did a great job with the repairs that I had requested. Customer service was excellent and everything was taken care of quickly. I would highly recommend and will have no problem trusting my auto repairs to them in the future.

Justin Bryant

I was very happy with my service. I have a jeep and I felt they cared for it as well as I would myself. They consistently provided feedback and followed up on the progress via phone and email.

Matt Pickett

Wade set the tone from the initial phone call, whether he had the time or not, let me feel as though i was his only customer, answering all questions in a tone that made me feel comfortable. Everyone in the front office was professional as well as your mechanics who answered my questions. Thank you again.

Jon McCall

Always good, so far a great and caring place to take my vehicle. I get the feeling the guys at Simmons really do care about my family and my vehicle. good work Mike, Wade and all the staff.

John Utley

Both times I have had repair work done at Simmons, the result has been great. The staff are very helpful, courteous and done in a timely manner. Thank you, Simmons group.

Mooneen Ringenberg

Very professional. Outstanding service. Mike explained what was done and why. They went above and beyond what I expected and suggested some arears of the vehicle that needed to be looked at. There was no pressure for them to do the work. I would recommend Simmons Automotive to anyone.

Dale Hicks

Replaced engine w/ remanufactured in our Wrangler.......a very clean installation. It's a shame to get it all muddy! Runs like new.....I guess it is!

Frank Abell

The repair was performed quickly, and as far as I can tell, all is well. Trish provided a pleasant ride home, and Jerry picked me up. What more could I ask for.

James Nance

Quality work with all questions answered. Very handy to have a ride home available when needed.

Michael Henry

Experience level with rear differential overhaul was good. Parts pricing could have been a little better. Less than 10 miles on the rear so far with no problems or noise noted. Slight delay in delivery date due to incorrect ordering of parts. As a customer I was kept well informed on progress of repair. Hopefully I will not need their repair warranty which is good as far as repair warranties go.

Paul Weinfurtner

Excellent service by genuine, caring, and aewsome people. Thank you for all you do. Warmest Blessings to all.

Debra Olson

Work was done on time and without problems. Had a written estimate to help decide what I could do now and what could wait till next month or so. Mike helped getting me started and Trisha explained work done at the end. Good team effort.

Dennis Smith

Price is better than Ford dealers and the transmission feels stronger. Quality is far better than local Ford dealers can think of offering. At Simmons they are not just school trained, but also real life mechanics and the estimate is always right and sometimes even less. These days that honesty is very important. Also If I did Face Book I would give them a "Like" also...

Ron Barton

As always, excellent service at a fair price. The mechanic even came to help when my car had a problem that turned out to be unrelated.


Second time having my car repaired at Simmons and my second great experience with them. Glad to have found a place I trust that does car repairs and maintenance and does it right. Although the shop is not located near my home, it is worth the trip and I will continue to have my car repairs performed by Simmons. Thanks for your great work!

Terri Bunting

The most professional service I've ever received.

Eugene Vargas

Excellent service to solve a difficult secondary problem exacerbated by copious amounts of oil from a leaky oil line deposited on the underside of the vehicle.

Robert Suomala

Very courteous, efficient and better than a dealer. Would highly recommend them over dealerships anytime!!

Kris Hobbs

Excellent customer service. I am usually willing to ignore the price of a service if the customer service, quality of work and truthfulness are top notch. I was not disappointed in my decision to have Simmons re-gear my Jeep Cherokee. Thank you Jerry and Mike! -Erik

Erik Bailey

Simmons Automotive has taken great care of several of my 1970's 4x4's. Their work is thorough and at a fair price.

Randy Sharp

I have always been pleased with the work Simmons does on my Jimmy. They have kept it in great running condition for the past 9 years. I especially appreciate the free auto check that they do. They always let me know repairs that need to be done before something breaks or fails.

Dave Freeman

Everyone was great and very professional. Will return for the fixes as schedules and funds permit.

Kris Hobbs

Dependable service and a professional attitude.

Gene Epperson

Our cars have been taken care of by Simmons for years. We always get the best service from the entire Simmons staff. We never have to worry about taking car back after repairs are completed--always done right the first time. It is a comfort to know help is only a call away. We have recommended Simmons to friends and family for years and will continue to do so. Gail and Roy

Gail Bixby

We were very pleased with the service we received. They explained what was done to our truck, showed us the old parts. They gave us an opportunity to ask questions and gave us honest answers. We knew exactly how much the repairs would be and there were no surprises.

Gene Epperson

THE BEST IN THE WORLD, period. I have used Simmons for the last 12 years and they have kept my cars operating great, provided excellent advice concerning keeping old cars or buying used ones, and have rescued me and my family from emergency situations. Their prices are very fair, the shop is clean, and you will notice that every worker is busy with a job, even the bosses! It is worth driving out to Ajo and Country Club to be able to get Simmons to work on your car. You won't regret it.


Fast dependable and honest. Have saved me $$$ over the past years. Would recommend highly. Thanks Jerry.

Fred Bellmore

After taking my truck to 2 other businesses over 4 years with an AC that blew only hot air, Simmons was able to resolve my problem. I now have AC in Arizona, whew! They also informed me of some serious issues with my vehicle that I wasn't aware of and need attention in the future. One of the things that impressed me was the no fluff small business garage. I brought my truck in filthy and it was returned the same. I had to laugh, because so many businesses these days have washed and vacuumed my vehicle after service. Bottom line, Simmons provides great service with results. If I wanted my truck detailed, I'd do it myself. Love the Car Care Talk Show.

Stacey Wadsworth

We've been taking all of our vehicles to Simmons for years! We always receive personalized customer service from everyone there! They know who we are when we call and when we walk in the door. Always receive great, honest service. What else can you ask for! Thank you!

Cindy Cahill

Simmons 4x4 Automotive Repair Center Reviews