Driveshaft Department


Big tires, gobs of horsepower, and tons of mud thanks to yesterday’s rainstorm. Now we’re having fun!… Right? Well, maybe not if you end up breaking in the middle of the mudbog. Simmons 4×4 Driveshaft Department can build you a front or rear driveshaft for your 4×4 that will stand up to all the abuse you can give it. CV joints, slip yokes, and heavy duty U-joints will keep you and your truck on the road and off the “hook” through the deepest, sloppiest mud you can find.

When stock parts just won’t cut it and you demand the best for your 4×4 then the team in the Simmons 4×4 Driveshaft Department can get you on the road to superior strength driveshaft components.

Jeeps, Broncos, Blazers, Ramchargers… Simmons 4×4 Driveshaft Department has the parts you need for custom-built super-strength driveshafts.


We also stock differential yokes, transfer case yokes, and thousands upon thousands of different U-joints for the do-it-yourselfer.