About the Team


In business at the same location (3743 S. Country Club) since 1974, Simmons is a full service repair center, as well as specializing in 4×4, drive shaft and exhaust system repairs. Our ASE certified technicians are well-trained in computer diagnostics.


jerry_simmonsJERRY SIMMONS — OWNER
A native of Mount Airy, North Carolina (Mayberry), Jerry migrated to Tucson with the US Air Force in 1966. After a period of time in South East Asia and Northern California, he returned to Tucson in 1970. In 1974 Jerry opened Simmons 4X4 Automotive Repair Center and has been in business at the same address ever since.

Jerry married native Tucsonan Diana Allison in 1968.  The couple has two children.  Their Daughter Pam is a nurse practitioner, while son Wade manages the Driveshaft division at Simmons 4×4 and works the front counter as a service advisor.

Jerry’s hobbies include anything to do with automotive, Search and Rescue with Southern Arizona Mounted Search and Rescue (All volunteer).  Enjoys all outdoor activities. Grandkids sports, etc.

Over the years, the entire Simmons family has been involved with horses.  Daughter and wife rode with a professional Quadrill Team that performed at rodeos all over Arizona, west Texas and Southern Nevada.  Now Jerry uses his horses and mule for trail riding and  primarily Search and Rescue for the Pima County Sheriffs Dept.

Jerry and his Service Manager Mike Gabrielson,  Host and co-host The Simmons Car Care Shop talk show, an exclusive of  104.1 FM “The Truth” Radio . You may join Mike and Jerry each Saturday morning at 6 AM for their two hour call in live broadcast.

Contact Jerry at jerry@simmonsautorepair.com.



Mike “Gabe” Gabrielson is a born and bred Arizonan, raised in a little town you’ve probably never heard of, Cornville. Mike’s first automotive experience came shortly after he turned 16 when he began working for Andy DuBois in Cottonwood. This is where Mike’s love affair with Ford (Mustangs in particular) began. A 1970 Mach I with a 351C and a 4-speed was all that was needed to lure Mike into this never-ending obsession with Mustangs that go fast!

Mike attended Yavapai Junior College and Arizona State University on his way to an 18 year career in radio broadcasting. His travels eventually led him to Tucson back in 1989. This is where Mike met Jerry Simmons and developed a friendship and business relationship with the owner. When Mike walked away from radio in 1997, he got back into the automotive industry when Jerry called him and asked if he wanted to “turn wrenches for a while.” After training in the shop area and driveshaft areas of Simmons 4X4 Automotive, Mike moved to the front service desk and has been the Service Manager since 1999.

Mike has attended dozens of service seminars and training courses, and recently received his ASE certification in automotive customer service.

When asked what he enjoys most about his job as Service Manager at Simmons, Mike simply says that “the opportunity to meet new people and work with them to solve their transportation problems,” is what keeps him coming back day after day.

Contact Mike at mike@simmonsautorepair.com.


Wade was raised in the automotive industry.  As Jerry’s youngest child, he has pretty much spent his life at Simmons 4×4.  If we were to look hard enough, there are probably still quite a few things around the shop area we could find that Wade took apart as a kid and didn’t get back together again.  Wade’s official start date as an employee was back in 1992 when he was given the title of Chief Parking Lot Broom Pusher.  Wade spent the majority of his time at Simmons 4×4 as the Manager of the Driveshaft Department.  He has built or repaired thousands of driveshafts in his time at Simmons 4×4.  Wade is a graduate of Sahuaro High School, and has also graduated from the Automotive Management Institute where he was the youngest member of the graduating class in 2005.  Recently Wade was moved into the Service Department and is learning to write service orders.  Wade has never been married, but is constantly looking for outstanding candidates to change that.  His hobbies include racing, fishing and horseback riding.

Contact Wade at wade@simmonsautorepair.com.


Connie has been at Simmons 4×4 longer than anyone except Jerry.  She started back in December of 1991 and has been here ever since making sure all the I’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.  Connie originally hails from Montezuma, Kansas which she claims is not too far from Dodge City.  Still to this day, Connie claims that Kansas  actually has mountains.  If you’ve ever been to Kansas then you know that’s a pretty questionable claim.  In 1971 Connie married her husband Paul, and they moved to Arizona in 1976.   Connie’s brother owns and operates an automotive repair facility here in Tucson, and her son works in the field as well.  Connie enjoys reading, playing the piano and organ, and all sorts of crafts.  She is the “mother confessor” of Simmons 4×4 and you’ll probably never run into anyone who is as good a listener as Connie has proven to be throughout the years.  Connie’s husband Paul is a minister who is getting set to retire this year, we’re hoping he leaves Connie with us for many years to come.


Rick is an ASE certified technician who was born in Akron, Ohio and moved to Tucson in 1973.  He is the youngest of the family with 4 brothers and a sister.   Rick says that he first got involved in automotive repair when he helped one of his older brothers build a mud bog truck while he was still in Jr. High.  Rick goes on to say that “trying to keep my mom’s old Ford running” was almost a full-time job when he was younger.  Rick started his career at Simmons 4×4 Automotive Service Center in 2009 and is highly skilled in diesel truck repair.  When he’s not repairing diesel trucks at Simmons, Rick helps take care of his mother, he is father to 4 children, and spends his time hunting, shooting, and talking politics.  Rick is ASE certified in Engine Repair, Suspension & Steering, Brakes, Electrical, and Engine Performance.  He recently converted his old Ramcharger from gas to diesel power.


Trish has been around the auto repair business all her life.  Trisha was born in Kansas and moved to Arizona when she was 14.  She attended Pistor Jr. High and Cholla High School here in Tucson.  She worked in her father’s auto repair shop learning how to rebuild cylinder heads and engines.    Trish moved to California for 12 years but found her way back to Tucson in 1996.  She has worked in the automotive industry ever since.  She worked at a busy chain shop in the service department before being hired by Simmons 4×4 in 2005.  Trisha spent 6 years at the front counter helping customer’s solve their automotive problems before taking over the shuttle and shop appearance duties last year.  During her free time, Trisha drives in Tough Truck Off-Road Racing events and demolition derbies.  Trisha and her husband have been married 16 years and between them they have 5 children and one foster child.  If that isn’t enough to keep them busy then throw in the 11 grandchildren and it’s no wonder Trisha comes to Simmons 4×4 for rest and relaxation!  In her 10 minutes a week of free time Trisha says she likes to bake and read.




Joe is one of the newest members of the Simmons 4×4 team.  He started in the driveshaft department in August of 2010 as Wade’s assistant.  Since Joe has been around cars his entire life, it didn’t take him long to pick up the skills involved in changing u-joints and carrier bearings.  Joe was promoted to Driveshaft Supervisor when Wade was moved into the Service Department.  Joe says racing is his passion.  He loves driving fast for ¼ mile at a time.  His current race car is a 1985 Z-28 Camaro that scoots the quarter mile in about 11 seconds.  Joe’s dad is an ASE Certified Master Nissan Technician, his mother is a CNA, and his brother is a chemical engineer.   If you ever find yourself at Simmons 4×4 and hear a loudspeaker page for Sasquatch then count on Joe to answer the call.  Take a look at those motorboats he calls boots and you’ll understand why Joe picked up that nickname.



James is the newest member of the Simmons 4×4 Automotive Service team.   He joined the Simmons team in April of 2011 and handles the majority of the gas vehicle runnability issues at the shop.  James specializes in electrical testing and repair.  James hails from Mobile, Alabama and first got involved with the automotive industry in 1976.  James is an ASE Certified Master Technician and is constantly looking to improve his skills by attending training sessions and classes during his time at Simmons 4×4. “FreeBird” as he is known at Simmons says he enjoys fishing and woodworking. James claims to have been raised by wolves but we attribute that claim to the fact that he was born and raised in Alabama.  If you’re a college football fan then James will be more than happy to talk “Roll Tide” with you.

Warren working 10_2013 001WARREN POHLMANN –

Warren is the newest member of the Simmons Automotive Team.  He is an ASE Certified Master Technician who specializes in gasoline engine repairs. As you can see, Warren likes to get close to his work.  He also polishes the upper tank on the radiator while he’s working under the hood.